Alchemic School

Feedback Loops Of life

Your entire life is like a giant feedback loop made of smaller feedback loops. You, the REAL you, is just pure consciousness. Consciousness that is experiencing thoughts, emotions, beliefs, actions and external experiences. The real you is like a formless "willpower" able to push and pull thoughts into a direction. Notice that thoughts>beliefs spin faster than beliefs>action, and beliefs>action spin faster than action>reality.. This is representing the influence thoughts ultimately have over your experience or reality. You need to build up your thoughts in order to influence your reality. 

Feedback loops of life on a macro-scale:

Consciousness -------> Thoughts>Beliefs>Actions>Experience (reality)

Feedback loops of life on a micro-scale:







Notice that every feedback loop is connected through emotion. Emotion is like the electricity that powers the machine that is you. Emotion is what links your thoughts to beliefs, beliefs to actions and actions to experience. and everything influences everything through a chain of feedback loops. The REAL you is just pure consciousness, and you have conscious willpower that can steer your thoughts into either a positive or negative direction. Consciously steer it in a positive direction long enough, and the machine will automatically run in a positive direction.